Day by Day with the Boston Red Sox

Bill Nowlin

Edited Publisher's Press Release
Day by Day with the Boston Red Sox
Day by Day chronicles over a century of Red Sox history one day at a time! The result of tireless, extensive research by noted Red Sox expert Bill Nowlin, Day by Day unravels over one hundred years of Sox lore in an easy to read format.

Encompassing every day of the year, Day by Day with the Boston Red Sox takes the reader from great and glorious victories to the discouraging and depressing defeats from monumental decisions to peculiar trivia, with numerous milestones listed along the way.

With over 6,500 nuggets of information, this book covers 105 years of Red Sox history with interesting facts and antidotes from 1901 to the present.

Day by Day provides the reader with a daily dose of the Red Sox and features:

  • Nearly 4,000 separate entries documenting a wide range of subjects: wins, losses, fielding feats, hitting achievements, statistical anomalies, personal quirks, unusual events, team business deals, and items about Fenway Park.
  • Over 1,000 player trades and transactions.
  • Birthdays, Red Sox debut dates and years spent on the team are listed for over 1,500 players in an alphabetical appendix for quick reference.

    This book also has a complimentary web edition that contains material left out due to space consideration, along with items that happened too recently to make the printed version.

    Rounder Books (March 2006)
    614 pages, organized by day of the year

    Available for purchase at Fenway Outlet

    Day by Day with the Boston Red Sox
    Book excerpt

    About the Author
    Bill Nowlin
    has authored more than a dozen books and over 100 articles about the Red Sox. He was born just 3.9 miles from Fenway Park and still lives less than 5 miles from the ballpark. He has been following Red Sox history on a daily basis since the last few years of Ted Williams' career and this book is a result of his passionate research.