The Red Sox Fan Handbook

Leigh Grossman

Publisher's Press Release
Red Sox Fan Handbook
Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovered the Red Sox Nation during the incredible 2004 World Championship season, this book has everything you want to know or remember about the Sox.

  • Who was the Red Sox pitcher who died for love?
  • Who caught a rat in his glove during a game?
  • Which players took photos of a teammate sleeping with a stripper?
  • Which player was arrested while trying to flee the country midseason?
  • What are they new seats at Fenway Park like?
  • What are the best places to eat before and after the game?
  • What happens now that there’s no more curse?

    Updated for the 2005 season, the third edition of The Red Sox Fan Handbook includes up-to-date entries on over 400 key players (past and present), great moments and rivalries, an expanded history of the team, the top 50 Red Sox minor leaguers, Red Sox-related websites and books, new guides to visiting Fenway Park and the minor league parks, a Red Sox fan’s guide to (safely) visiting Yankee Stadium, and much more.

    386 pages, Rounder Books
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    The Red Sox Fan Handbook
    “Everything you need to know to be a Boston Red Sox fan...or to marry one!”

    About the Author
    Leigh Grossman
    is a writer, editor, college instructor, and reviewer. He teaches writing, science fiction, and book publishing at the University of Connecticut, and runs Swordsmith Productions, a book production company that works on several hundred books per year for various publishers. Grossman is the author of nine books from six different publishers, and has reviewed books for Absolute Magnitude, Horror magazine, and Wavelengths. He lives in Northeast Connecticut.