My Red Sox Cap
Kevin Nolan - April 25, 2005

Red Sox cap Despite being a die-hard Red Sox fan (I was born and raised in Attleboro, MA), I have never worn a Red Sox cap until August of 2004.

For some reason since birth, I have always hated wearing caps, not just a baseball cap, but any kind. Even though my family, including three children (all of whom are big Red Sox fans), always begged me to buy a Red Sox cap every year, I always said “no,” because of my dislike for caps.

However, last August was to be different. Like in the past I parked at my favorite spot by the Citgo sign to attend a Red Sox/Yankees game, one of the hundreds of games at Fenway that I have attended since my infancy.

While walking down beautiful Yawkey Way, my son, Keith, pulled me to a Red Sox souvenir store and repeated the same request that my children had made: “Please buy a beautiful blue cap with a bright red B.”

I thought to myself, after 59 years of roller coaster emotions, including pain, disappointments, broken hearts, and my biggest pet peeve: hearing that same old damn quote, “Wait ‘till next year,” I finally decided to buy a cap hoping it would help break the Curse of the Bambino after 86 fruitless years.

Needless to say, by purchasing this cap, I feel that I’ve contributed to the magic that helped the Red Sox win the World Series Championship!

I have to admit that during the ALCS against the Yankees, and the World Series games, I acted like a 10-year old child by screaming, jumping and even closing my eyes on big plays.

I am so proud to be part of this great and memorable team, and to this day I am still wearing this magic cap. This cap is now worth a thousand words, and years from now this cap will be treasured for it’s the cap that helped bring a Boston Red Sox World Series Championship to my family and me in our lifetimes.

Kevin Nolan retired from the Clarke School after 30 years of teaching the deaf in Northampton, MA, where he also served as a City Councilor. He recently moved to California, where he was able to see the Red Sox World Series trophy at Sonny McLean's.

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