Red Sox Fans: Recalling First Fenway Visit

Phil Sacoco

I was born in 1956 and went to my first game, one beautiful weekday afternoon. My uncle Joe was on his week's vacation from work and I was 7 years old. My dad was working that day and uncle came by in the morning and asked my mom if he could take me to my first Red Sox game. I believe it was in July at 1pm or 2pm.

We sat in the bleachers and literally there was no one sitting near us as far as I could see. We walked up the ramp from behind the plate and I'll never forget that sight as long as I live. We walked all the way to our seats so that I could see the entire Fenway Park. It was AWSOME! We ate hot dogs and peanuts (which I couldn't believe that I could throw the shells on the ground). Uncle taught me how to keep score and I saw Yaz and Reggie Smith (the closest players to my seats). It is one of the most memorable times of my life. One I will never forget.

Uncle Joe is gone now and when my daughter was 7 I took her to her first Red Sox game. We sat right beside the vistors dugout 6 years ago. I walked her up the same ramp and she was in awe. The excitement was the same, the memories are the same, and again it was another one of my most memorable times of my life.

Thank You Red Sox and Fenway Park,
Phil Sacoco, Uncle Joe Sacoco, and Gina Sacoco