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The ultimate collectible for any aged Red Sox fan! The Fenway magnetic scoreboard is a scale replica of the original that has been in use at America's Most Beloved Ballpark since 1934.

Made by a New England-based artist and entirely by hand, the Fenway magnetic scoreboard is constructed of steel with ink jet media graphics applied to it.

The artist made sure that a high level of detail went into the 8' x 1' Fenway scoreboard, and included such authentic aspects as the WB Mason advertisement and the Morse code initials of longtime Red Sox owners Tom and Jean Yawkey.

The scoreboard comes with a set of 399 magnets that contain names of all American and National League cities, numbers to keep score and track of who is pitching, plus the red and green lights that indicate balls, strikes and outs. Now Red Sox fans can operate their own scoreboard!

Fenway replica scoreboard


Fenway Magnetic Scoreboard Features & Information

  • A nearly exact replica of the hand-operated scoreboard at Fenway Park.
  • Made to scale with 18 gauge galvanized steel.
  • Includes the Who But W.B. Mason Since 1898 ad panel.
  • Comes with 399 magnets.
  • Lets fans become the man (or woman) behind the scoreboard!
  • Assembles in minutes with the hardware provided.
  • Includes easy hanging instructions and anchors for hanging on drywall.

  • Measures 8 foot by 1 foot when assembled
  • Is approximately 1/8 inch thick
  • Weighs 16 pounds
  • Ships in 2 pieces by UPS Ground from Connecticut

    Great for home (especially children's rooms), office, bar and restaurant use, or any place where Red Sox fans gather to watch the game, this interactive piece of art lets fans keep score along with the game...or display a Boston victory against the Yankees regardless of the day!

    Your very own hand-operated Fenway scoreboard!
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    Fenway hand operated magnetic scoreboard