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How did the Red Sox get their name?
The Red Sox are an old franchise, and as a result were around for a long time before marketing decisions and merchandising determined nicknames and logos. Some of the original teams got their names from the basic uniforms they wore, such as the Cincinnati Reds (originally the Red Stockings) and Chicago White Sox. The team now known as the Red Sox have been referred to as the Pilgrims, Americans, and Somersets (after their owner Charles Somers), but weren't officially named the Red Sox until December 18, 1907 after then-owner John Taylor noticed that the National League's Boston team had stopped wearing their customary red stockings. Taylor, who would later name and build Fenway Park in 1912, declared that the American League Boston team would wear red stockings and furthermore be known as the Red Sox. The spelling "Sox" is believed to have occurred when newspapers shortened "Stockings" in order to fit in headlines.

What were the origins of the "curse"?
The Curse was first articulated after the Boston Red Sox lost Game 6 of the 1986 World Series to the New York Mets (the game that featured the famous ball that rolled through Bill Buckner's legs) when New York Times sportswriter George Vecsey wrote a column describing all of Boston's heartbreaking failures over the years. After the Mets won Game 7 and the World Series, Vecsey wrote, "All the ghosts and demons and curses of the past 68 years continued to haunt the Boston Red Sox last night." He added, "Yet the owner sold him to the lowly New York Yankees to finance one of his Broadway shows, and for 68 years it has never been the same."

The headline of the column was, "Babe Ruth Curse Strikes Again." This was its first appearance.

While invariably the bane of the Sox existence has been the New York Yankees, the "Curse of the Bambino" was their inability to win the World Series, losing each of their previous four World Series (1946, 1967, 1975, 1986) in seven games. Boston's fifth trip to the World Series since 1918 finally ended the Curse.
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What is the Red Sox mailing address?
Fenway Park
4 Yawkey Way
Boston, MA   02215

Phone: 617-267-9440

How do you get the Red Sox to show a birthday or wedding anniversary announcement on the center field scoreboard?
Fans can have the names of people celebrating birthdays or wedding anniversaries posted on the center field scoreboard by making a minimum charitable donation of $50 to the Red Sox Foundation.

The donation, which must be made by check payable to the Red Sox Foundation, should be sent to:

Message Board Requests
c/o Fan Services/Fenway Ambassadors
Boston Red Sox
4 Yawkey Way
Boston, MA   02215

Donations must be received by noon on the day of the game or by the end of the day Friday for weekend games in order for messages to appear. Due to the number of requests, no personalized or custom birthday messages are possible. For additional information or for answers to questions regarding the message board policy, call 617-226-6000.

How many tickets does each Red Sox player receive for home games?
Every player gets six tickets for all 81 games at Fenway Park.

When did the Red Sox start playing Sweet Caroline at Fenway Park?
During the summer of 1999. At first the song was played only if the Red Sox were winning or if the game was close, but Neil Diamond's 1969 classic soon became an every night tradition. It's now played before the home half of the 8th inning.
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