This is Your Season to Remember

  by Joe Pickering Jr, Songwriter

It was 86 years before the Boston Red Sox finally ended that terrible World Series drought in 2004. Whether it was caused by The Curse of the Bambino or whatever, it was so painful! Eighty six years of heartbreak and ups and fans in any sport can claim they suffered more than Red Sox fans.

It wasn't only that we had lost for so many years (both the Chicago White Sox and Cubs have had longer World Series losing streaks). No, it is how our Red Sox lost those four World Series prior to 2004. Every one of those Series goes to seven games and every game was exhilarating, exciting, exhausting and eventually brain mashing.

Nearly all of us, if not all of us, have had family members who have spent their lives cheering for our Sox. How many made it to that magical time in 2004 when the Red Sox won a double World Series? I say double because not only did we win four games from the St. Louis Cardinals, who beat a great Ted Williams-led team in 1946, but we also beat the Evil Empire after falling down three games to none!

My late Mom, who passed away in 1999, was in my opinion the World's Greatest Red Sox Fan. I have written songs about her, one in particular called This is Your Season to Remember, which commemorates our Red Sox winning it all in 2004.

I bet there are many Red Sox fans who believe that their family members who passed on were with them when we won it all. The following song's lyrics is how I saw it.

Joe Pickering Jr. © 2005

Mom itís great your Red Sox have won it all
Beating the Yanks and Cards in a classic fall
I bet you watched the Series from a super seat
Those eight straight wins are beyond a treat


This is your season to remember
Your season never to forget
This is your long awaited day
How many times Mom did you pray?

You taught me donít count the Yankees out
Now itís our time to gloat their time to pout
This Sox team stopped your life-long regret
Oh Mom Iím truly happy for you and yet

Repeat chorus

You thought this day would never come
I hope itís not too late for some
Mom where in Godís heaven are you?
Oh where in Godís heaven are you?

Repeat chorus three times and fade

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