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Red Sox Trivia Contest

Due to travels, Red Sox Trivia is on hiatus until October.
Question for the week of August 16:
Who is the only Red Sox player to ever hit pinch-hit home runs in both games of a doubleheader?

Send your answer to and remember to include your full name and city/state.

2010 Point Standings

(updated through August 22)
Place Name Residence Points
1 Don Dudley Pomfret, CT 43
2 Jim Wolfrum Camden, ME 36
3 Alan Ginsberg Boston, MA 25
4 Jay O'Brien St. Louis, MO 23
5 JT Garczynski Virginia Beach, VA 22
  Ethan Coven Middletown, CT 22
7 Joe Zogalis Mansfield, MA 21
  Cheryl Ebeling Natick, MA 21
9 Nancy McGuiggan Wasilla, AK 20
10 Bill Burgess Augusta, ME 19
  Dave Sawtelle Rockford, IL 19
12 Mike Mahoney Marlborough, MA 18
13 Kyle Moore New Bedford, MA 17
  Doug Eugley Sidney, ME 17
15 Chris Anderson Charleston, SC 14
16 Doug Ashbacher Center Point, IA 13
17 Rose Culver Hawthorne, NJ 12
  Fritz Dostie Kittery, ME 12
19 Maureen Silenzi Northboro, MA 11
  Ryan Sawchuk San Francisco, CA 11
  Doug Greenwald Fresno, CA 11
22 Andy Burns Holland, MI 10
  Bert Chieffalo Stratford, CT 10
  Mitch Marcus Hingham, MA 10
25 Kathryn Glenn Gloucester, MA 9
  Chris Strada Orange, CT 9
27 Laura Barnardo Erie, CO 8
  Stephen Chase Columbus, GA 8
  Cyn Poetzl Pleasanton, CA 8
  Larry Goffinet Tell City, IN 8
31 Alan Mitchell Indio, CA 7
32 Kevin Tangney Williamsburg, VA 6
  Bill Jerome Waterford, NY 6
  Troy Blades Hammonds Plains, NS 6
  Russ Glenn Gloucester, MA 6
36 Ernie Velazco Framingham, MA 4
  Doug Burdin Gardiner, ME 4
  Craig London Encino, CA 4
39 Shan Wood Smyrna, GA 3
  Marcia Plante Lackawanna, NY 3
  Kerri Cincotta Jacksonville, FL 3
  Jennifer Heibult Seattle, WA 3
  Patrick Blake Bristol, PA 3
  Tom Ross Peoria, AZ 3
45 Mark McGuinness Morristown, NJ 2
  Ronnie Getty Westfield, MA 2
  Jessica Price Newburyport, MA 2
  Bret Llewellyn Hawthorne, NJ 2
49 Robert Griffith Honolulu, HI 1
  Bill Stepanek Cedar Rapids, IA 1
  Lisa Pina Somerville, MA 1
  Tony Goulart Lincoln Park, NJ 1
  Ted Carbone Winchester, MA 1
  Gary Alleyne   1
55 Ken Adair Pueblo, CO 1
- Alex Baek Takoma Park, MD 0
- Ed Beckwith Boynton Beach, FL 0
- Adrienne Brigham Hamden, CT 0
- Duncan Cameron Alexandria, VA 0
- Peter Carroll Dedham, MA 0
- Steve Cohan West Chester, PA 0
- David Fournier Topsham, ME 0
- Ken Main Portland, ME 0
- Kathy Marciarille   0
- Ed O'Connell Fairfield, CT 0
- Steve Rodes Virginia Beach, VA 0
- Tony Vieira   0
- Lisa Wiley Orlando, FL 0

2010 Trivia Contest Rules

Boston's Pastime will keep track of those who answer questions correctly and fans with the most points will be awarded prizes, courtesy of Fenway Outlet, on a monthly basis.

The point system will be as follows:

  • Three (3) points to the first person to answer correctly.
  • Two (2) points to the 2nd through 10th person to answer correctly.
  • One (1) point to everyone else who answers the question correctly.

    Bonus points:
    One (1) point will be awarded to those who answer five (5) consecutive questions correctly.

  • The bonus point is granted for consecutive correct answers, not answering five straight questions. (if you're on vacation and can't submit an answer it won't count against your ability to earn the bonus.)
  • Once a point has been earned, contestants must answer another five questions correctly to earn another bonus point.

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