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Boston Globe Coverage
In-depth stories and columns from the Boston Globe. The Globe's Red Sox Notebook is the best place to find out the daily doings of the Sox for those who don't live in Massachusetts.

Providence Journal Coverage
Best around the clock coverage of the Red Sox, since the site is updated nightly (the Globe waits until the morning). As an added benefit, be sure to check out the Pawtucket Red Sox section, as the Providence Journal gives the PawSox major league coverage. Unfortunately, you do have to register to view the content.

Boston Herald Coverage
Boston's other major daily, the Herald, is my online pick for best source of insightful information.

Hartford Courant
Connecticut's top newspaper does a good job covering the Sox.

BoSox Club
Established in 1967, the Red Sox official booster club has grown to 800 members and remains unwavering in its undying love of Red Sox baseball and its players.

The Red Sox Foundation
The official philanthropic arm of the Red Sox.

The Remy Report
Jerry Remy, my favorite player before he became a broadcaster, has been the voice of the Red Sox for 16 years. His site is a portal to the websites he uses to prepare for each game.

Fan Sites
Save Fenway Park
Save Fenway Park! is a non-profit, all volunteer organization for people who love historic Fenway Park.

Fenway Outlet
Red Sox fan shop.

The Red Sox Fan Handbook
Online companion to the book of the same name, with loads of Red Sox information in a wiki style format.

Ballpark Blueprints: Fenway Park
Measuring 22" high by 28" wide, the blueprint-style poster of Fenway features drawings of the distinctive façade and a plan view which shows the closeness of the Green Monster and just how deep the “Triangle” really is.

Red Sox Rock
A catchy Red Sox themed song with aspirations of becoming the official in-park rally anthem. Massachusetts composer Ted Chmura's creation is definitely worth a listen.

Red Sox Song List
Accomplished songwriter, diehard Red Sox fan, and Maine resident Joe Pickering wrote and recorded the CD Baseball Songs Sports Heroes through his company, King of the Road Music. Many of the 14 songs celebrate the Red Sox. His newest CD, Sports Songs and Beyond, has 4 Red Sox songs. Both are in the National Baseball Hall of Fame sound collection.

Red Sox Diehard
Described as "a haven for the diehard Sox fan," this content-rich, graphically bland site is one of the best fan sites out there. You can easily spend a couple of hours here on your first visit.

Boston's Dirt Dogs
A site dedicated to the team's acquired nickname from the 2001 season. A good place to check for updated headlines and a boatload of commentary, although the site was acquired by The New York Times in May, 2004.

1918 Red Sox
Website by the author of "Babe Ruth and the 1918 Red Sox," the first complete account of Boston's famous world champions. Check out 83 Years and Counting, my page devoted to the book.

The Baseball Guru's Red Sox Page
While dedicated to providing a vast resource for all baseball fans, Craig (the Guru) provides a Red Sox chat on Thursdays from 8-9.

Sox Prospects
Notes on top Red Sox prospects and the minor league system.

.406 Club
Features up-to-date news and commentary, plus a private message board and chat group where membership is required, but open to all Red Sox fans who wish to voice their opinion with fellow diehards.

Born In To It
Clever commentary with a hint of sarcasm from a lifelong fan mixes with updated links to the most important Red Sox news of the day.

Fenway Fanatics
Focused on the Red Sox fan experience and Fenway Park, along with game recaps from a fan perspective.

Fenway Nation

Royal Rooters of Red Sox Nation
A great Red Sox forum with frequent interviews of current and past players.

Talk Sox
Message board.

Call of the Green Monster
A Red Sox-inspired news parody website.

Red Sox Attitude
Fun Red Sox site with headlines and pictures of current news.

Red Sox Trivia Quizzes

1918 - The Film
A short independent film about two life-long Red Sox fans who land tickets to the World Series.

Up On The Monster
A combination of a website, message board and blog with unique features and columns.

Red Sox Stats Guy
Statistical analysis of Red Sox players with tidbits from the Elias Sports Bureau.

Sox Planet
Message board and Red Sox headlines.

Sox 1 Fan

Sox and Pinstripes
Captivating coverage of the two teams that make up the most heated rivalry in sports.

38 Pitches
Curt Schilling has plenty of interesting things to say on his official blog.

Sully Baseball
Paul Francis Sullivan's obsession with baseball makes for interesting reading.

Anti-Yankees Sites
Yanks Suck
Jokes about the Yankees amongst the grab bag of Yankee hating verbiage and merchandise. Sign up for your free email account that says Site goes a little too far when it exclaims about Yankee players "they are all drunken freaks on crack, literally." I believe Daryl Strawberry is an ex-Yank.

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