Our Red Sox
Publisher's Press Release

A Story of Family, Friends and Fenway
Our Red Sox
For writer Robert Sullivan, rooting for the Red Sox was a family tradition. He grew up with the Red Sox and has stuck by them through thick and (long periods of) thin. He was with the team all along, including the high hopes years of 1967, 1978, 1986, 2003 and of course in 2004, and his reports from Fenway on time.com gained him a wide audience and served as catalyst for Our Red Sox.

Sullivan explains, the “our” in Our Red Sox refers to “me and my family and friends, and the larger ‘our,’ too: you, them, all of us. It’s a universe with the pitcher’s mound at Fenway Park as its heart, the sun around which everything revolves, at distances near and far.”

The Red Sox World Series victory broke the long-standing “curse of the Bambino” and transcended the sport, the individuals in the uniforms, even the team. Sports Illustrated referred to it as a victory about a people (New Englanders), a loyalty, a family, a nation. Our Red Sox is a funny, gentle and moving memoir from deep inside the strange land called Red Sox Nation.

186 pages, Emmis Books
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“This is a book about what binds a family together, and a region together, and what it means to care. It is a graceful reflection, filled with heart and humor, love and loss and—ultimately, miraculously—with triumph.”
-- Jim Collins, author of The Last Best League

About the Author
Robert Sullivan, a 23-year veteran of Time Inc. publications, is the deputy managing editor of Life magazine and the editorial director of Life Books. A lifelong Red Sox fan, he lives with his wife and three children behind enemy lines in Westchester County, New York.