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Red Sox
Spring Training
Red Sox spring training in Fort Myers

2013 World Series CHAMPIONS!
The red seat in the right field bleachers

The Red Seat

The story behind the red seat in the right field bleachers at Fenway Park.


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    Fans and Fenway traditions

    Why is Sweet Caroline played at Fenway Park?

    The 1960's produced the Impossible Dream BoSox team and a classic Neil Diamond song. Fenway hasn't been the same since.

    Red Sox Fans Love Their Dirty Water

    Whenever Red Sox fans hear the Standells' ode to Boston at Fenway Park it has been a good day for the home team.

    Boston's Citgo sign

    The CITGO Sign

    Located beyond the Green Monster in left field, the famous CITGO sign illuminates the Boston night from Kenmore Square. See it in action!

    Pesky Pole

    The Pesky Pole

    One of Fenway's many fables is the pole that rests 302 feet down the right field line. Find out the origins of how the pole became known as Pesky's.


    Alzheimer's Brings My Red Sox Memories Back

    A Red Sox fan in Texas reaffirms his commitment to the team in honor of his Grandpa, who is suffering from Alzheimer's.

    The Red Sox Hall of Fame

    Cooperstown isn't the only place Red Sox greats are enshrined. The team's Hall was established in 1995 and so far 27 players and personnel have been inducted for their significance to the Boston organization.


    Where were you when the Red Sox won?

    Where were you when the Red Sox finally won a championship in your lifetime? 65 members of Red Sox Nation share their stories.
  • Fans and Fenway traditions

    Places to Watch the Red Sox on the Road

    69 listings across the U.S. of bars, restaurants, and fan clubs that cater to Red Sox Nation.
  • Where to watch the Sox in:
    NY   CA   FL   IL   DC

    Fenway fans

    Red Sox Tickets

    The best ways to get tickets to see the Red Sox at Fenway Park in Boston.

    John Dopson Interview

    Former Red Sox pitcher answers questions about his 5-year career in Boston.

    Obstructed View: The Poles at Fenway Park

    Seeing a game in Fenway is a dream come true for most fans, unless they are stuck behind one of the ballpark's infamous poles.

    Red Sox Legends Series

    Dwight Evans

    Dewey recalls his game-saving catch in the 1975 World Series. Dwight Evans in 1990

    Tragedy and Tony C

    Rico Petrocelli's first person account about the beaning that changed Tony Conigliaro's life.

    Working for the Red Sox
    Fenway Peanut Vendor

    Rob Barry tells what it's like to work at Fenway Park as a peanut vendor.

    Fenway Park Crowd Control Supervisor

    Mark Sweeney recalls his days as a Fenway Park crowd control supervisor.

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    Red Sox History by Day

    Interesting facts and events from random dates in Boston Red Sox history.

    Got questions? Get answers on all things Red Sox - past, present, and future.  Send 'em here

    Red Sox FAQ

  • How the Red Sox got their name
  • The Red Sox mailing address

    Would you believe Boston has won more games against the Detroit Tigers franchise than anyone else? Check out how the Red Sox have fared all-time against each team through 2006.

  • Year by Year Record

    Red Sox players Your Father's Red Sox
    Marty Nolan, the Boston writer, once said, "The Red Sox killed my father, and now they're coming after me." The current player profiles are Roy Johnson (1932-35), Skeeter Newsome (1941-45) and Jody Reed (1987-92).

  • Unique Sox Merchandise

    Boston Fan Shirts

    Boston shirts

    2013 World Series Trophy

    Commemorative photo with player signatures
    2013 World Series trophy and Red Sox signatures photo

    Baseball Seam Bracelet

    Red Sox baseball wristband

    Papi Pops The Yanks

    Limited edition lithograph
    David Ortiz beats the Yankees

    Fenway Park Painting

    Fenway Park artist prints

    I'm helplessly and permanently a Red Sox fan. It was like first love...You never forget.
     Art Historian Simon Schama

    Draft Past Red Sox Drafts
    Taking a look back at the Red Sox' drafts from 1990-99, only 30 of the 460 (6.5%) players selected made it to Fenway.

    First Visits to Fenway

    Fans recall their first visit to Boston's fabled ballpark.

    Recent Features and Stories
    JetBlue Park
    Information about 2015 Red Sox Spring Training and JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, Florida.
    Wakefield Baffles Looney Tunes Characters For Charity
    Warner Bros. artists created the "Knuckled Under by Wakefield" lithograph, which features Tim pitching to Daffy Duck, to benefit the knuckleballer's favorite charity, Pitching in for Kids.
    7 Deals For The Budget-Minded Boston Sports Fan
    From the Futures at Fenway doubleheader to watching the ponies at Suffolk Downs, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to enjoy the Best Sports City in America.
    Red Sox Spring Training A Quarter Century Ago
    This book excerpt from Under A Grapefruit Sun details a leisurely exchange between manager Ralph Houk and the press in 1984.
    Rally Against Cancer on April 6
    Support the Jimmy Fund by donating $5 and wearing Red Sox gear to work or school on the day of Boston's home opener.
    Red Sox Legends - Carlton Fisk
    Fisk recalls his magical homer in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series.
    Red Sox Legends - Pumpsie Green
    Green recalls his first game at Fenway Park.
    Red Sox Mentoring Challenge
    The Boston Red Sox have teamed up with Mass Mentoring Partnership to help children in Massachusetts find much-needed mentors.
    Patriots Day and Fenway
    The Red Sox observe this annual Massachusetts holiday by hosting the only morning game on the entire Major League Baseball schedule.
    Jody Reed
    Tracing the career of the former Red Sox infielder from his debut in 1987 to his present day involvement in baseball.
    MasterCard Commercial
    MasterCard collects from Red Sox fans what they promised they would give for a World Series victory. This is the "Proud new owner of 90% of New England" Comedy Central commercial featuring Denis Leary.
    Red Sox Humor
    We delight in taking jabs at the Evil Empire!
    Red Sox on the Farm: LeLacheur Park in Lowell
    The Red Sox's rookie level minor league team is located just 33 miles from Boston in Lowell, where the Spinners have sold out every game for six consecutive seasons.
    Red Sox Victory Parade Pictures
    Relive the thrill over 3 million fans experienced at Boston's championship "rolling rally" from a series of photographs taken during the Red Sox's celebration on October 30, 2004.
    Boston's First Home: Huntington Avenue Grounds
    A hundred years of Red Sox baseball begs the question: If Fenway Park is 93 years old, where did the team play before then?
    The Boston Pilgrims Never Existed
    Research by Bill Nowlin proves that the Red Sox were never known as the Pilgrims.
    Red Sox in Cinema
    The Red Sox have been frequently highlighted in top-rated TV Shows and top-grossing movies, including Good Will Hunting.
    Sox On The Road Series
    Road Trips! Following the Red Sox in 2001 took me to fields named Turner, Tropicana, and Jacobs, before finishing up at Yankee Stadium. In 2002 I paid my first visit to Comerica Park; ditto for 2003 and Kansas City.
    Remembering The Players Of 1986: "Oil Can" Boyd
    No one will ever forget The Can.
    Past Drafts:   1990   1991   1992   1993   1994   1995   1996   1997   1998   1999

    Book/DVD Reviews and Releases
    Red Sox Legends
    Rare photographs of and interviews with the best players in Red Sox history, covering the years 1903-1990.
    Day by Day with the Boston Red Sox
    The history of the Red Sox, chronicled by day of the year.
    New Book: '75: The Red Sox Team That Saved Baseball
    Biographies of every player and coach from the 1975 Red Sox.
    The Fenway Project Book
    A behind the scenes account of everything that goes on at Fenway Park during a Red Sox game.
    Red Sox Book Review: Why Not Us?
    More than just stories about what victory in the 2004 World Series meant to the fans, Leigh Montville's new book captures the past agony and present ecstasy as it relates to Red Sox Nation.
    Book Review: Those Damned Yankees
    For people who hate the New York Yankees, this book details the not-so-great history of baseball's Evil Empire.
    Book Release: Fenway Fiction
    Short stories from Red Sox Nation.
    Book Release: The Red Sox Fan Handbook
    Everything you need to know to be a Boston Red Sox fan.
    DVD Release: Reverse of the Curse of the Bambino
    Denis Leary narrates the long road the Red Sox traveled to reverse the curse and capture the World Series title.
    Book Release: Red Sox Heroes of Yesteryear
    Interviews and career highlights from 40 of the greatest Red Sox players and managers in team history.
    Book Release: A Tale of Two Cities
    The 2004 Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry and the War for the Pennant....written from both the Boston and New York perspectives.
    Book Release: Blood Feud
    The Red Sox, the Yankees, and the Struggle of Good versus Evil....written by two lifelong Sox fans who dissect the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry.
    Book Release: Our Red Sox
    Rooting for the Red Sox is a family tradition. Robert Sullivan tells the story of his clan.
    Book Review: Red Sox vs. Yankees: The Great Rivalry
    Red Sox fan Siu Wai Stroshane reviews Harvey Frommer's latest baseball book, which is a chronicle of the fiercest rivalry in all of sports.

    Red Sox parade in Boston

    Sonny McLean's in Santa Monica
    The Red Sox World Series trophy visits Sonny McLean's in Santa Monica, California

    Red Sox Posters

    Red Sox posters

    Fenway Outlet
    Fenway Outlet Red Sox Store --
    Shop for Red Sox shirts, bracelets, posters, & Fenway Park items

       Red Sox Tidbits
    • 2005 members of the Red Sox received 57 full playoff shares of $17,004.06 each.
    • 2004 Red Sox players voted full shares received $223,620 for Boston's World Series victory. The players voted to give out 58 full shares.
    • The Red Sox have played at home on Patriots Day every year since 1960, except for off days in 1965 and '67 and the players strike in 1995.

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